Our Process

Discover seamless collaboration and project success with our specialized general contracting services. At Enjaycee Unlimited, we prioritize working closely with our clients to bring their renovation, construction, and custom building visions to life.

Let’s Talk.

Each project starts with a conversation where we exchange ideas and information. Whether you come equipped with plans or need assistance filling in project gaps, we're ready to delve into the details with you. Our collaborative approach ensures that our team aligns with your vision, offering valuable personal and professional insights to enhance the project.

Let Us Handle It. All of It.

Experience a hassle-free process as we guide your project through a series of progress checks. From permits to drawings to inspections, we take care of it all. Our commitment to excellence extends to the hand-picked team we assemble for your project—professionals we've vetted and trusted to work on numerous successful projects.

Let’s Get to Work.

After the initial estimation, expect a dynamic back-and-forth to fine-tune the building plan, estimate, and timeline. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we're dedicated to accommodating any necessary adjustments. Throughout the entire process, we maintain transparent communication, ensuring your active involvement in decision-making.

At Enjaycee Unlimited, we blend expertise with collaboration, resulting in a successful project outcome. Ready to embark on your next construction venture? 

Let’s turn your vision into reality together.